TipYou is a patent pending social commerce network.
When a sale is generated by the people, TipYou is making it possible to ensure that the people are paid back for making it happen.

Our Mission

Our mission is to simplify, scale and pay for the most influential form of shopping behavior, the friendly referral. Nothing is more influential than a recommendation coming from a trusted friend.

As the social revolution evolves, everything that we do, buy, engage with and travel to, is visible to the people in our lives. TipYou has developed a patent pending technology that enables people to get organized and help each other out – allowing you, your family and your friends to save time, make better shopping decisions, save money and make money, too.

Unlimited Earning Potential

As a TipYou member, you have the potential of earning anywhere between one dollar to thousands of dollars per month by referring your friends, family and followers to the products and services that you believe in, and leveraging your social life in a way that benefits you, after connecting with a company with a pretty cool message: it pays to be friendly.

If you’re not comfortable with the idea of getting paid for generating business with your friends, you can donate the money to people who need it, to your favorite charity, directly from your TipYou account. Business owners appreciate the new business that you brought them, and are more than willing to pay you for it. We collect the money for you, so that you can decide what to do with it: get paid or donate it to charity.

How does TipYou work?

It’s simple – members profit when their friends utilize the tips (tips as in shopping recommendations) sent about products and services you enjoy, through communications tools used daily, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, email, text messages, chat and even landline calls. You can tip about products for any lifestyle, purpose or age range, whether it’s fashion, electronics, travel, food, home appliances, attractions, and so on, from the smallest to the biggest brand names in the world.

The power has moved to the people, the consumers, thanks to the social era upon us. It is natural that you, the consumer, be rewarded for your influence on the world economy and the billions of dollars generated from eCommerce, social networking and online advertising.

Our vision is to democratize the revenue generated by consumers around and in our social commerce existence. When a sale is generated by the people, we want to ensure that the people are paid back for making it happen. We aim to spread the wealth that we, the people, are responsible for creating.

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