Transform "Likes" into "Buys"
Enable your visitors and shoppers to become your social marketers and brand ambassadors.

The challenge in social web, is while millions of people click on the "Like" and "Twitt" buttons from store pages, stores still struggle on how to generate direct sales from those social activities created by their visitors. We give a solution for that. It’s simple, fast, powerful and highly scalable. Main benefits that our social solution provide includes:

  • Social Sales Generator
    Our social solution enable you to easily transform thousands of your website visitors into your thousands of sales people on facebook and twitter.
  • Pricing - Pay only on sales that our solution generated.
    Our service is bundled with your existing affiliate network program, hence you pay the standard commission via the network you already work with.
  • Easy, fast integration.
    Taking our service live is like placing the simplest banner on your website – about 5 minutes work. The second the banner is up, our service is live. it’s that simple.
  • Loyalty Program
    Our service forms a quick and powerful loyalty program, transforming your visitors and shoppers into a loyal force of social ambassadors, promoting your brand over facebook and twitter, encouraging friends and follower to place an order at your store.
Get a risk free, no commitment, powerful social solution, that can become one of your biggest sales generator, using the power of the social web and your visitors’ social activities on facebook and twitter. TipYou is providing its service to advertisers through trusted and reputable affiliate networks. If you are not yet registered with an affiliate network we recommend you to join any of the below affiliate networks:

How it works

  • You upload your ads on an affiliate network
    You create ads within an affiliate network you work with and choose a commission structure, pay a percent from the sale generated, or a fix rate per item sold. You also define keywords to best match your products and services, which are words or phrases related to your business.
  • We upload your ads from the affiliate network to our system
    We provide you with a TipCode for your to place on your site. Using the Tip button on your site, your visitors and shoppers click to spread your products and services over their personal facebook and twitter accounts, encouraging their friends and followers to place an order on your site.
  • Attract new customers.
    Your visitors and shoppers simply click to Tip your products to their personal connections, using any communication method available today, including their own facebook, twitter, email, mobile phone, chat, and so on.

Why it works

  • Word of Mouth Marketing
    We simplify and scale the most influential form of shopping behavior known as a friendly referral. Nothing is more influential than a recommendation coming from a trusted friend. Research shows that 90% of consumers trust shopping recommendations coming from their friends. TipYou members send your products and services to people they know personally. They know that they are looking to buy YOUR product, right now.
  • The Social Power
    TipYou provides you with a fast, easy, plug & play solution enabling you to generate profits from social media. With Zero upfront fees, we enable you to establish a strong and consistent brand advocacy programs.
  • Measurable Results
    There's no minimum spending requirement or time commitment. With our pay-per-sale option, you're only charged if people buy your products. This means that every dollar of your budget goes only for bringing you new profits.

Costs and payments

You're charged only if someone buys your product, not when your ad is displayed or when someone just clicks it. You pay only from profits that TipYou generated for you.

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